Writing Partners

I find it absolutely charming when people refer to their cats, dogs, or other furry, feathered, or scaly companions as their writing partners!  Some animal companions lie quietly next to their humans as they write.  Some provide ample inspiration.  And some writing partners are, well, a little less than helpful.  Here are the top funniest and/or sweetest writing partners I have collected for you today: 

Sif is one of Kirsti Norris’s writing partners.  Sif has found a way to be both adorably companionable with her presence, and completely block the way by snuggling up awkwardly underfoot. 

“I like sleeping under my mom’s feet, because I’m just a teensy pup, can’t you tell? I absolutely fit here, I swear!”

Next, meet Sugar, and who looks about as sweet as her name!  Sugar is a deaf kitty who is writing partner to Frank Curtiss.  Sugar holds all the charm of a perfectly well behaved cat while also dedicating herself to the challenge of tearing off all the bows from every gift under the Christmas tree.

“Why would anyone put bows on a gift if not to destroy them?”

Cara Maclean shares her home with writing partner, Simon, who has the exceptional cuteness of a completely innocent dog.  You’d never guess he comes into Cara’s office just to pass some gas.  Thanks for your input, Simon!  Or, uh, should that be output?

“I like to share my perfume with the world!”

Next is Duke, writing partner to Kelly Brakenhoff. He is a German Wirehire Pointer whose two hobbies are chasing birds and taking naps.

“I am, simply and clearly, a Very Good Boy.”

Then of course, there is my writing team.  These two have sworn an oath (that no one asked them to take) to stay on high alert to protect us from any dangerous squirrels, errant leaves blowing around, or those neighbors of ours who have the audacity to cross in front of our door.  Nevermind that that’s how they get to their door! These two teammates keep my writing time sacred by loudly shouting their fool heads off at anyone who comes within 50 feet of my writing space.  So, I mean, thanks?  (But would you both just BE QUIET ALREADY?!)

“We are not ‘loud’.  We are just VERY adept at securing the perimeter from anything and everything.”

And finally, for a last bit of fun, here are a bunch of famous authors with their pets.

All right, go have some fun today, enjoy a good book, and snuggle those pets for me, would you? 

*Special thanks to all who contributed to this post!