Winter’s Longest Night

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Can you feel it?
The heft in the soft inky ebony
that has wrapped around us this season?
A fleece of comfort to block out the noise and bustle
of life,
the stillness
the silence
so we each can sit in soft comfort with ourselves.

Deep in the womb of the earth,
seeds and mammals sleep,
slowly, slowly,
life grows on.
In the Spring as the light shines, we cheer the arrival of blossoms
and don’t always think of the itty, teensy, tiny,
that brought us here,
the growth in the dark.

In the dark, we hear our dreams.
In the dark, we know our hearts.
In the light, we will dance as pink petals fall from cherry trees,
knowing that the sweet deep molasses of winter’s night
held us in her grace
and made it all possible.

 © Meghan Toledo


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